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Winter School 2020 

House No. 15, old town of Telcz
Former Social Housing as a Complex Task

The winter school already has a tradition in Telč. The fourth event took place from February 9 to 15, 2020. In the course of the interdisciplinary workshop in the UNESCO World Heritage City, students from various disciplines (architecture, sociology, geography, monument conservation, economics, building physics, geography, etc.) from various universities should develop and present a revitalization concept for a former social housing in Telč.


Two groups of students first carried out an initial analysis of the historical values ​​of the house and its urban and social importance for the environment. The students agreed that ways had to be found to maintain the construction.

In the discussion after the presentations, Mgr. Roman Fabeš, Mayor of Telč, praised the students' approach and said that the city of Telč was also concerned with the fate of the building. Among other things, he pointed out that, under the current conditions, it is often easier to obtain funds for the repair or reconstruction of such a house than to ensure its future economically sustainable function. This will certainly be a very important aspect of the future solution.


The Scola Telč is concerned with the preservation of cultural heritage and monument conservation. Six educational and research institutions - Masaryk University, Danube University in Krems, Czech Technical University in Prague, Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, National Institute for Monument Protection and Institute for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics ASCR - cooperate within the framework of Scola Telč.

The aim of the school is to develop comprehensive concepts based on the needs of the population, state administration and self-government, as well as examples of solutions for specific buildings, urban projects or requirements for changes in the current situation. Past events dealt with topics such as the renovation and revitalization of historic buildings of the former town house and granary, the former synagogue or the Jesuit garden in Telč. The Gamoneum gallery, which opened last year in the Telč synagogue, shows how successful the Scola Telč is, based on the suggestions that were drawn up as part of the 2018 winter school.

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