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Winter School 2021 Scola Telcz

Telč Intouchable - In Retrospect

Interdisciplinary Online Workshop on the Topic of the UNESCO World Heritage City Telcz
Monday 15. - Wednesday 17. February 2021

Work on the Digital Twin City of Telč

The Interdisciplinary Workshops of "Winter School Telč" Make Telč More Attractive in Digital Space


The traditional "Winter School Telč" took place online for the first time from February 15th to 17th, 2021. The new setting had an impact on the program: Instead of working on site, the digital image of the city was examined. Danube University Krems, together with international partner institutions, organized the workshops with participants from different universities.

It is not surprising that in times of digitization, the first contact with a place is done via online research. What is noteworthy, however, is that only a small amount of attention has been paid to this fact so far. The organizers of the “Winter School Telč” used the opportunity to focus on Telč's “digital twin” at the event, which itself had already been shifted to digital. What is the first impression of Telč's online resources? Does the digital Telč awaken expectations that are actually met on site? What is the quality of the information available?

Multi-perspective approach

The workshops promised exciting insights due to the different scientific backgrounds of the workshop participants. Experts and practitioners of architecture and spatial planning, art history, monument preservation, design, exhibition design and management as well as theories of interactive media exchanged ideas. In addition, there were inputs from the organizing institutions Danube University Krems, Slovak Technical University Bratislava, Masaryk University Brno and Czech Technical University in Prague. The Czech National Monument Institute and the Institute for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of the Czech Academy of Sciences also contributed their know-how to the workshops.

Concepts for attractiveness

The first day of the “Winter School Telč” offered the participants an overview of the history of the city as well as cultural and historical aspects of its development and architecture. The mapping principles were also presented, according to which the digital image of Telč was to be be analyzed.

Then it was the turn of the participants to do their own research to capture the virtual image of the city of Telč and to record its cultural, social, historical and spatial essence in individualized mental maps. The perspective of potential visitors to the city was taken in the virtual space. As part of the workshop, the participants developed concepts and products to present the city in virtual space in an attractive and informative way in order to arouse interest in Telč among potential visitors.

Involvement of society

Not only was there interdisciplinary work in the "Winter School Telč", interaction with society is also important in the transdisciplinary approach of the Winter School. For this reason, politicians from the city and region as well as the public were invited to the virtual final presentation. The Mayor of Telč, Mgr. Vladimír Brtník, the former Mayor of Telč and now City Councilor for Culture and Tourism of the Vysočina Region, Roman Fabeš, and Hana Hajnová, Deputy Captain of the Vysočina Region, accepted this invitation. The conclusion was the discussion of the results with a question and answer session.

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