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Scola Telcz

The SCOLA TELCZ is an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary school of diverse specialized scientific institutions as well as of responsible organizations aiming at the preservation and development of the UNESCO World Heritage of the historical center of Telč. In this regard holistic concepts are developed based on real projects or existing demands for change. Among other things, the structural basis for these objectives is shaped by the "5 C's" of UNESCO.


The aim of the SCOLA TELCZ is to convey the complexity and interrelations between conceptual design drafts and the definition of urban planning tasks in historical centers. Here, not only technical, economic and functional aspects are in focus, but moreover the local cultural and social needs. A special asset lies in the understanding, in the argumentation and in the cooperation across the different disciplines in the accomplishment of a concrete task.


The SCOLA TELCZ provides the basics for perception of the task and its complexity by means of specialized lectures, site visits and demonstrations. Within the framework of international and interdisciplinary groups and under expert supervision, the conceptual project work enfolds. The results are presented to the public as well as to responsible authorities, relevant organizations and experts and discussed with them. In doing so, the contents should make a concrete contribution to the preservation and development of the World Heritage.


The SCOLA TELCZ is aimed at students, doctoral students and scientific staff from various disciplines such as architecture, civil engineering, economics, geography, sociology, art history, education and other related fields.

Univ.-Prof. Dipl. Arch. ETH Dr. Christian Hanus

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