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Winter School 2019

The Jesuit Garden

The Winter Workshop, which took place from the 22nd to 27th of February 2019, focused on the garden of the former Jesuit dormitory, which is shared today by the University Centre of Telč Masaryk University and the building of the Faculty of Civil Engineering CTU Prague in the center of Telč.

The workshop consisted of lectures of experts, landscaping, and above all the independent work of design teams consisting altogether of more than 30 students of different disciplines of the participating universities. These teams set their focus not only on the history of the location, but in particular on the development of proposals for new forms of use of the common garden space. The Winter workshop was presented on Wednesday 27th of February via public presentations of the processed designs of each individual team, which took place directly in the garden. The general public was cordially invited to participate. 

Scola Telcz is a multidisciplinary school of six educational and research institutions - Masaryk University, Danube University in Krems, Faculty of Civil Engineering CTU Prague, Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, National Institute of institute and Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of the Czech Republic - dealing with the issue of conservation of cultural heritage. The aim of the school is to develop the concepts that reflect the real needs of the population, the state administration and the government, on examples of solving the adjustments of specific objects, urban projects or requirements to change the current situation. Teaching takes place in the real conditions of the historic city of telč since 2017.

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