Winter School 2021 Scola Telcz

Telč Intouchable 

Interdisciplinary Online Workshop on the Topic of the UNESCO World Heritage City Telcz
Monday 15. - Wednesday 17. February 2021

What is the perception of a town without physically visiting it like? How is the virtual (online) image of the Town of Telč composed? What information can be assembled about the city before visiting it, what are the presumed values, what is the quality of information and how does one feel when comparing online analysis with real experience afterwards?

The Scola Telcz Winter school 2021 will be held in the form of an online interdisciplinary hackathon. It will focus on embracing the virtual image of the Town of Telč and capturing its cultural, social, historical and spatial essence in individualized mental maps. Students, working in groups of 2 or 3, will decide whether they want to focus on concrete or abstract descriptions of the city and its projection onto a virtual (possibly also printable or online) map of Telč. Important architecture works, historical routes, events or assembled stories, subjective feelings, artworks, quality/popularity of places and views, density of taken photos, sounds, materials, interconnections, junctions and other unlimited analysis methods can be applied for approaching and understanding the urban configuration. Trespassing the lines of orderliness in perception of a town will enable the generation of virtual mental maps unveiling the possibly distorted image and expectations of a UNESCO World Heritage Town.