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Summer School 2017:

The Rural Urban Structure of Telč -

The Development of Approaches for a Renewal

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The Summer School 2017 in Telč, which took place under the SCOLA TELCZ project in the week from 18 September to 23 September 2017, was a joint activity of the Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU), Donau Universität Krems (DUK), Masaryk University in Brno (MUNI), Territorial Technical Service of the National Heritage Institute in Telč (NPU) and Center of Excellence Telč ÚAM AV ČR (CET). Its main theme was the renovation of the countryside in close proximity to the historical center of Telč on the UNESCO list.


The aim of the (late) Summer School was to elaborate a conceptual study of the regeneration of the urban and rural environment of Telč - the Old Town, which is an urban monument zone. The task of the students was to emphasize the value of the place, to clarify and defend the reasons for protection, to revive cultural life and to strengthen the local community. The goal was not to be the "only" repaired house. The summer school program consisted of lectures by experts on the issues of historical settlements in terms of heritage conservation and the social aspects of life in them, local excursions, discussions with experts and residents, examples of field work and, in particular, the independent work of student teams. The students' work was based on the formulation of the concept of environmental development and the definition of the potential of the site with regard to tourism, small business, recreation, transport (especially pedestrian) and providing ideas for improving the neighborhood.


The proposed development should respect the appropriate density of the area and present the Old Town (City Monument Zones) as part of the UNESCO City of Telč. At the beginning students were provided with the issues of neighboring sociology and environmental analysis - understanding of the existing functional social structures within the "neighboring space" of Telč-Staré Město. Emphasis was placed on understanding the neighborhood as a space of semi-private ties and space to strengthen the important competence of an urban man who has the ability to handle encounters with a foreigner.


The main focus of the workshop was the analysis of the environment and the subsequent proposal for the regeneration of the town historical reserve Telč - Staré Město, incl. communications network analysis. The task of the students was to identify weak and strong places, historical communications, to indicate the addition of pedestrian ways to facilitate urban transit, recreation of urban and urban visitors. (walking tour of the city, rehabilitation of the crusade in the landscape, etc.). Students were approached by the theme of "historical urbanism" as we perceive it in the present state of the Old Town in Telč, what are the basic principles of "historic urbanism" and how it works, why this issue is important in preparing the reconstruction.


Ing. Klára Kroftová, PhD.

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