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Winter School 2018

In search of the past and the future - The former

synagogue in Telč

The main topic of the February Winter School 2018 was the search for a future and a location on the mental map of the historical center of Telč for a former sacral building, the Synagogue of Telč, burdened with socio-political history and many insensitive physical structure changes. The baseline of the workshop was to support a learning and understanding of history, socio-political context, building and space structure.


Among the tasks that the participants of the workshop had to deal with were the definition of the immaterial values and, on the other hand, the valuable spaces and structures to be preserved and an integral part of the building's history. Workshop participants tried to formulate, respectively define, the concept of building use based on historical and monuments values arising from the strategic objectives of the World Heritage Convention - the so-called Five Articles: "Credibility", "Conservation", "Capacity building", "Communication", "Community".


The output of the workshop was a site-specific installation right in the Synagogue to revitalize the forgotten sacral space that mediated history, architecture, and the possibilities of its future use. An electronic presentation of the concept of future use and possible modifications of the building, which was based on the analytical part of the work, was also part of the installation.


Ing. Klára Kroftová, PhD.

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